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Communication & Collaboration
November 23, 2022 at 5:00 AM
by Megan Cooper

Though modern companies can involve teams spread across the globe, innovative tools and techniques allow for more collaboration. Experts estimate that the online collaboration market will experience over $1 billion in growth over a five-year span. Review how your company can take advantage of the benefits of improved collaboration.

Acquire Tech Tools to Facilitate the Process

Collaborative document editing on shared files allows your teams to stay on the same page during projects and take advantage of real-time input and direction from others. Instead of emailing a mountain of files back and forth and waiting for responses, assemble project files into one PDF using an online PDF combiner tool. Folks won't have to track down various documents, saving everyone time. The tool makes it easy to arrange and rearrange pages in the correct order.

Collaborative apps and platforms also improve communication and teamwork. Email can be inefficient for quick responses. Social messaging software can put a worldwide team in appropriate groups for rapid answers to time-sensitive questions. Status notifications keep everyone abreast of when a team member is unavailable.

Calendar apps are another useful tool. Instead of repeatedly messaging to find a convenient time to schedule a video conference, linked calendars let management teams know when employees and contractors are busy. Meetings can be organized quickly, and alerts remind attendees of the appointment.

Reward Collaboration

Highlight teamwork in addition to individual success. When a salesperson or manager gets a big win, celebrate the unsung heroes behind the accomplishment. Some positions don't receive as much prominence, and you must make it a point to draw attention to the vital tasks those workers perform. Weekly team meetings are an excellent time to comment on team success with