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Tap into the Power of Focus
January 9, 2021 at 5:00 AM
gerry recording 1.jpeg

As part of the preparation for the NFL playoffs, M&T Bank asked me to record a couple of spots designed to pay tribute to Ravens fans in an unusual, remote season.

The recording session took only about 15 minutes for a TV and a radio spot. And the entire experience reminded me of the power of focus for leaders.

A talented team of writers, producers, and director from Buffalo-based pr firm  Crowley Webb put together the script and arranged for the recording session at Horich Hector Lebow Advertising in Hunt Valley, MD.

My job was simple:

1. Show up on time.

2. Step into the recording booth.

3. Read the script.

I didn’t spend any time writing the script, arranging the recording session or editing the final product. Yes, I could have done those things, but other people could too. I didn’t spend any time coordinating when and where the final product would air. That’s not my expertise.

There is only one thing that I could do that no one else on the team could do—use my voice to record the spots. And because I was able to focus exclusively on what only I could do the entire process was both efficient and effective.

Too often as leaders we get lost in the myriad of details that surround all of the things we can do, but maximizing leadership leverage comes down to focusing and executing around the things that only you can do.

The more time you spend in the realm of what only you can do and the less time you spend in the realm of what a lot of other people can do, the more you tap into the power of focus.

Most of life is a team sport. Recording these spots certainly was. And the more leaders demonstrate the example of tapping into the leverage and the power of focusing on what only they can do, the more everyone else on the team is also drawn into the power of using their unique skills to do their job.

Effective leadership is in large part a discipline of saying no to what others can do and focusing on only what you can do, and you know you are on track when a small amount of highly focused time and energy produces significant and lasting results.